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Translation of Camellos written by Telémaco5 published in La Maldición de Sísifo on 11-Oct-2005.

A mother and baby camel were resting when the baby asked:

- Why do we camels have humps?
- Look, my son, we are animals of the desert. We need humps to store water, and thanks to these humps we are famous for being able to survive without water.
- I see. And why are our legs so long and our feet so round?
- Son, they are like that to allow us to walk around the desert. The air temperature near the desert floor is higher and these long legs keep our bodies far above it, so we stay cooler. Our round feet help us walk without sinking in the very soft sand.
- Oh, yes. And then why are our eyelashes so long? Sometimes they don't let me see very well.
- My son, these long and thick eyelashes form a protective barrier for our eyes. They help to protect our eyes from the sand and the wind of the desert.
- I understand. Then we have humps to store water while we cross the desert, long legs to be able to walk in the desert and thick eyelashes to protect our eyes from the desert. Then what are we doing here in this zoo?

Skill, knowledge, ability and experience are only useful if you are in a place where you can use them.

Are you in your ideal place?

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