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ZenIT - Scientific and ICT Services

Zenit Ltd is a software analysis and design company that specializes in software for clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry, but will undertake any software development project associated with science and scientific research.

The company, Accent Business Communication, undertakes to assist companies between Sagunto and Castellon in Spain (near Valencia) with their communication in English. Any kind of teaching or writing assignments will be considered.


A description of Zenit Services and what this site contains. ( 01 Oct, 2003 )

Recent Changes

In which changes to this site are recorded. ( 30 Sep, 2003 )

Infrequent web log

I love to investigate and play with new software and sometimes make the time to share these adventures with anyone who wants to listen.

Note: This section has not been updated for some time. Look in Extracts from Planeta Código or Translations for up-to-date material.

( 01 Apr, 2006 )

Extracts from Planeta Código

I have been reading the web logs of several Spanish bloggers on programming topics. Planeta Código has been set up that acts like an aggregator for most of my favourite sites and several new ones also. My intention here is to make a summary in English of the articles collected by the Planeta Codigo aggregator and include translations of selected articles. This may give English speakers a point of access to the interesting work being done by their Spanish colleagues.

Accent Business Communication will be happy to tender for any Spanish to English translations, or indeed for any technical writing contracts in English. Zenit Ltd will perform the same function in the UK.

( 07 Apr, 2005 )


These are some of my translations of Spanish articles on a variety of IT and management topics that I think may be of interest to English speaking readers and that I do for fun. Personally, I think that there is a wealth of good and interesting writing in Spanish, and I hope to share this with my English speaking colleagues.

If anyone would like something Spanish translated into English, please ask for a quotation (roughly 0.10€ per word or 30€ per page) from

( 17 Oct, 2005 )

Curriculum Vitae

A brief summary of the milestones in the working life of Richard Blazek ( 03 Oct, 2003 )