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Open Office

Open Office.

While Microsoft has been busy trying to price itself out of the market with restrictive licenses for their software, others have been offering fantastic software for almost nothing. I tried the earlier version of StarOffice a year ago and was impressed by its functionality and ease of use. The latest version of OpenOffice is an upgrade of that code that was placed in the Open Source domain by Sun. Sun uses this same updated code in their version of StarOffice, but add on some other functionality for a small fee. I now have replaced the old StarOffice by the new OpenOffice on my home PC and so far am very satisfied. I particularly like the database integration where a mail merge of just one record (a name and address of a contact) is very easy to perform. It also has adopted an XML file format, allowing the files (in theory) to be converted easily to any other format. Of course it both reads and write MS Word files and also the Rich Text format.

You can swap to Open Office from Microsoft Office very easily

Richard Blazek

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