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A Simple Content Management system.

Just once in a while, something comes along that looks so simple that you would never imagine that it could work. CMSimple is a perfect example. The whole of the web site is contained in just one html file, content.html, that can be created and edited using any editor. The CMSimple system presents this one file as a series of web pages in a tree structure, using the <h1>...<h3> tags to separate the pages. Individual page headings are created using the <h4> tag. The hierarchical table of contents provides the links to any page.

If this were all the software provided, then it would be interesting enough. But CMSimple also provides WYSIWYG editing of each page in place, the ability to upload images and other files and the tools to create links to them. The appearance of each page is controlled by a template file, so it is possible to present the pages in a preferred layout.

What are the downsides? Well, the web site cannot exceed 2MB in size (which is about 2000 A4 pages of text). I also suspect that after about 200 pages, the management of the site would become quite difficult. Currently, security is not bullet-proof, needing a password to be sent in clear text to open up the editing facilities, but the author is working on this.

If you want a simple way to manage a personal web site, and you have access to PHP, then this software is perfect for the job.

Create a complete web site that is held in one simple file.

Richard Blazek

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