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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

What's it all about?

Translation of El pescador by Telémaco5 published in La Maldición de Sísifo on 17-Oct-2005.

Geovanni Papini narrates: a philosopher was walking in the fields when he found a fisherman working very hard on the banks of a river.

- What are you doing, my good man?
- I'm throwing out the nets.
- What for?
- To fish.
- Why do you want to fish?
- To sell the fish.
- Why do you want to sell it?
- To get money.
- What do you want to do with the money?
- To buy food to eat.
- Why do you want to eat?
- To live, sir, to live.
- And why do you want to live?

The fisherman appeared a little puzzled and didn't answer. The philosopher repeated his question.

- Why do you want to live?

The fisherman pondered a little while, then at last replied.

- To fish!


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