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Links for 16-Jun-2006


TrickyDicky in Zenit Translations has published the following articles:

  • Technology, Made in Spain, a translation of Tecnología 'made in Spain' by Tomas Delclos and Laia Reventos published in El País Semanal on 11-Jun-2006. The Spanish love new technology, but they don't make much themselves. However, there are a few examples of world leading companies that can serve as role models.

  • Cardona, the last Catalan explorer, a translation of “Cardona, el último explorador catalán” (source can only be accessed by subscription) by Eugeni Casanova, published in La Vanguardia (Revista) on 11-Jun-2006. The Cardona father and son discovered the source of the Orinoco in Venezuela and explored the area around Angel falls. This article was written in memory of the son who has recently died.

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