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ZenIT Services was founded in August 2003 by Richard Blazek. Its aim is to design and develop great software solutions to address scientific questions.

After three decades working in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries in the area of clinical and field trials, the director has a wealth of experience and expertise in designing and building informatics systems for this specific market. He has covered the full range of the software development lifecycle from project inception to support, filled roles such as developer, analyst, designer, team leader and technical project manager, and covered the areas of data entry, data management, reporting and submitting to regulatory authorities. His work has been subject to the rigors of validation and assessment against 21 CFR Part 11. Experience has been gained with working on mainframs, personal computers and handheld devices. Specific information of these can be found in the director's Curriculum Vitae.

The director now lives near Valencia, Spain, and has started Accent Business Communication, a service that helps local businesses communicate in English. Activities include teaching business English, running workshops on presentation techniques, negotiation skills and communication techniques in English, and writing publicity and other material in English.

This site is intended to introduce a number of computing topics of more general interest to anyone with an interest and a passion for working with computers and sofware. For further information, please contact  Richard Blazek using the email address:

Zenit Services is dedicated to architecting, designing and building great software to resolve scientific questions.

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